About Me

Hello there. I have been a lifelong trade union and political activist. I was Secretary of Swindon TUC for 20 years, and an RMT activist for 20 years before compulsory redundancy forced me off the railway. I am a Council tenant and Secretary of Swindon Tenants Campaign Group which led a successful campaign against the proposed sell-off of Swindon’s Council housing stock.

This ‘blog’ is a site to post my writing rather than one of those stream of consciousness blogs in which people venture an opinion on every issue under the sun.

You can read here political and trade union articles, but also reviews of films and music, as well as seeing some of my photographs.

I would welcome feedback either in the comments box after the posts or privately at martin.wicks@btinternet.com


  1. Hi Martin, a very good article on the threat to our NHS! I found it on Socialist Unity blog. have copied and will circulate it round the union reps in NBS. Cheers.
    Andy Ford
    Amicus reps committee
    National Blood Service


  2. Dear Martin,

    Good article on Iran, “friends like this”. The best part was the critical view of Chavez support of Iranian regime. We may translate it in Urdu and print in our weekly paper Workers Struggle published from Lahore.
    Anyhow, I am forwarding it to editors.

    Farooq Tariq


  3. Hi Martin

    Excellent piece on zero hours contracts. Absolutely on the nail. A pity Ed Milliband doesn’t think this way.

    Fred Dobie

    Labour Representation Committee


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