Trade Union articles

I will be adding here PDF’s of articles in relation to trades unions and trade union strategy that I have written.

1994 Signallers strike

25 years after the national signallers strike I reproduce here material I produced as Secretary of the Swindon RMT branch. It includes a pamphlet produced after the strike.

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 1

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 2

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 3

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 4

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 5

1994 Swindon Strike Bulletin 6

1994 Swindon Strike Pamphlet

Letter to GS Signalling Dispute

Letter to Railtrack Managers

Letter to Zonal Director

Open Letter to Railtrack Managers

“After the march – the return of the ‘dented shield'” 2011

This was written after the massive 500,000 demonstration in London


“NHS unions need to break with “partnership” to defend jobs and services”

This was a leaflet I produced in collaboration with health workers in relation to a “Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme” signed just months after the coalition government came into office. It was voluntary and would only be taken up by staff desperate to get out, but it conceded the right of Trusts to pay less than they would on normal redundancy terms. It helps to explain why the health unions have failed to oppose cuts in services and jobs.


“The right to strike under threat – a European TaffVale?” 2010

“The recent injunctions issued against strike action by UNITE and the RMT have grave implications for the whole trade union movement. They place a question mark over the right to strike. There were two main parts to these judgements: ‘irregularities’ in the balloting process and a new concept of ‘proportionality’ (which has no precedent in UK law) based on European Union law and judgements by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) relating to the Laval and Viking cases.”


A scandalous travesty of democracy 2007

UNISON officers responsible for the NHS tried to bar branches campaigning against acceptance of a pay offer.

A scandalous travesty of democracy

The “Awkward Squad” 2004

A review of two publications analysing the “awkward squad” of new trade union leaders

SOLIDARITY e-Newsletter No 10

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