Vlad the impaler returns

Oh my God, the trades unions better get out the garlic, the holy water and a few silver bullets. The BBC is reporting that Mandelson is being brought in to take charge of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (Regulatory Bonfire more like). If only I were a mind reader. You can imagine how stunned all those trade union leaders are: the ones who supported Brown in his coronation. Only the other day Derek Simpson was telling ‘Gordon’ to get rid of all those Blairites plotting against him.

The ETUC in it’s “London Declaration” on “the crisis of Casino capitalism” talks of “the dominant model of financial capitalism” being close to collapse. With this one act, ‘Gordon’ has shown precisely what he has learned from the global financial crash: apparently nothing. He is inviting back an ultra-Blairite, totally hostile to the unions, and a supporter of “financial capitalism” (together with Gordon, of course). It underlines the fact that Brown is no friend of the unions or our members. It’s about time some trade union leaders stopped acting as if he was.

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