A case of mistaken identity

A letter to the Swindon Advertiser

Thank goodness Mr T.Reynolds is not a policeman. I could have ended up in inside owing to a case of mistaken identity.

Mr Reynolds must be the only person in the town, of those who read the Advertiser letters page, who thinks I am a supporter of New Labour and that the odious Tony Blair is a “pal” of mine.

I am sure the Editor of the Advertiser would be only too happy to give Mr Reynolds the opportunity to read back copies of the Adver, say from 1997, to read my occasional letters. If he manages to find anything complimentary about New Labour or Blair then I will do my best to arrange a night out with Anne Snelgrove for him.

I am pleased to see that Mr Reynolds is a keen opponent of PFI. I don’t remember him campaigning with the rest of us when they were going to use it to build a new hospital. Better late than never. Of course, PFI (a glorified expensive Hire Purchase scheme) was a Tory policy which New Labour implemented, wasn’t it Mr T?

So far as manufacturing is concerned, it’s quite true that New Labour allowed it to decline owing to its love affair with financial services. But, of course, in the early 1980’s Thatcher presided over the destructing of one third of our manufacturing over a few years.

Now we have a new government. According to the Treasury it’s austerity drive will put 1.3 miilion more people on the dole, to add to nearly 2.5 million now. I am sure that Mr Reynolds is not in favour of throwing people onto the dole. Or am I confusing him with someone else?

Martin Wicks

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