Fresh idea number 530 – Inappropriate words?

Always game for a challenge I visited Labour’s website and saw its ‘New Politics. Fresh ideas’ page. It seems the party is asking for fresh ideas. It says:

Our country faces major challenges

Families are struggling from the effects of the recession, and are worried about its impact on wages and jobs. Our communities feel under pressure. And our young people are finding the ladders up which they hoped to climb to a better future being kicked away.

We need a fresh approach. Our challenge is to ensure we have the right policies to build a better, fairer country. Whatever matters to you, we want to hear your views.

Because we know that politicians don’t have all the answers – we have to work together as a country if we are going to find solutions to the problems we face.”

The site says that they have 529 ideas so far. Well, I thought, I have an idea for number 530. So I typed in the following:

“Commit Labour to a mass Council house building programme. Abandon support for Thatcher’s policy of ‘right to buy’.”

A curious thing happened. A message popped up saying ‘please remove any inappropriate words’. Was it the word Thatcher? I deleted it and tried again. Same message, ‘please remove any inappropriate words’?

Any ideas what the inappropriate word or words might be?

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